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"The coconut cake will change you life. Pair it with a cup of coffee and I dare you to try to have a bad day."

~ Lisa R. 


"They say we eat with our eyes. Laura has a way of making everything look so beautiful that you want to take a picture of it so you won't forget the aesthetic before you dive in and devour it! Her caramel coconut cake does that for me. From the first delectable bite, you want to savor every moment - the firm yet moist texture of the cake, the rich gooeyness of the caramel and just the right amount of coconut - the perfect combination of beauty in a bite!"

~ Terri C. 

"Laura's macarons were the first I had ever eaten and they were delicious! I later bought some from a cute little kiosk at a mall - BIG MISTAKE! I was so disappointed, they were nowhere near as good as Laura's Really, nothing is near as good as Laura's, but don't tell my grandmother I said that. Her German Chocolate Cake - you know how I know it is good? Because I love it and I hate cake! I don't like cake, but I love cookies, and Laura's cookies are my favorite. If you buy them have a pep talk with yourself first so you don't eat them all in one setting. Unless you want to eat them all in one setting, then I fully support you in that!"

~ Renee W.

"I would give Laura the 'Star Baker' award every week! Her pavlovas and coconut cake would definitely elicit a handshake from Paul Hollywood and cause Mary Berry to utter 'scrumptious' in mid-bite. Seriously, Laura's baked goods are just wonderful and she and her husband Roger have such a gift for hospitality that a trip to their bakery will most certainly be the highlight of your day." 

 ~Terri W.​

"The macarons are dreamy bursts of joy. The variety of flavors will make it near impossible to chose just one. The first one you try will be your favorite...until you have the second one, then third and so on."

~ Lisa D. 

"I have had the privilege of trying several of Laura's desserts. My favorite is her German Chocolate Cake. Her cakes are so moist and flavorful. She also makes delicious macarons - the lemon is super tasty. If you have an opportunity to stop by her shop, I highly recommend you try the baked goods." 

~ Angel G.

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